Wittmann now also represented in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador

Effective September 2011, MAPRIMAQ, a company based in Guatemala Ciudad, has taken over the agency for products of the Wittmann group in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Maprimaq stands for "Materias Primas & Maquinaria" (raw materials and machinery). The sales company was established by Joachim Schloesser in 1961 and was thus able to celebrate its 50th anniversary in August of this year. Maprimaq started off by serving the textile and plastics industries. Later on, the environmental technology and hydroelectric industries were added to its customer base. Besides raw materials for the industries just mentioned, Maprimaq also sells extrusion and blow molding machinery, injection molding machines, cooling systems, peripheral equipment and recycling systems in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The team in Guatemala currently consists of 9 people. In the neighboring country El Salvador, Maprimaq is present with a sub-agency consisting of a team of 4. Communication with Maprimaq is possible in Spanish and English, but also in German, Italian and French.

Under the leadership of Friedrich Schloesser, Maprimaq has been commissioned with the Wittmann group´s sales activities in its territories since September 2011. Friedrich Schloesser is a trained telecommunication systems mechanic and IT electrician. He was trained in Germany at the former company Philips in Kassel.