Window profile processor is first to install twinEX extrusion line


A custom processor of plastic window systems, Roplasto, is the first processor to install one of the twinEX range of extruders from extrusion systems manufacturer battenfeld-cincinnati. twinEX was the first range of extruder co-developed following the 2010 merger of Battenfeld and Cincinnati Extrusion to battenfeld-cincinnati; the two had long had a common owner but were competitors before the merger. Roplasto installed the line in early 2011 and now both companies are reporting on the results of the new machine.

battenfeld-cincinnati introduced the twinEX range of machines in October 2010. These parallel twin-screw extruders demonstrate an improvement in output performance of about 14% compared to the company's preceding models.

Compared to the predecessor series of both machine manufacturers, the first jointly developed extruder series features a 14% increase in performance. The twinEX machines also require approximately 15% less specific energy input with a simultaneous increase in output compared to other counter rotating twin-screw extruders, reports the manufacturer.
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