Will plastics take the heat because it can be made into a firearm?

Once more plastics - and 3D printing - are in the mainstream media headlines. And as usual, it's not good. On Tuesday, the U.S. House approved a 10-year extension of an existing federal law banning guns that can pass undetected through metal detectors or X-ray machines. It seems that means no plastic 3D printed guns using technology like SLA, SLS or FDM.

The measure passed on an overwhelming bipartisan vote (who doesn't love to hate guns?) despite some misgivings by democrats who would like to expand the scope of the law to address concerns about 3D printing technology, generally. Technology moves fast these days and when the first law passed, no one even thought that 3D printing materials - and the machines - would ever be capable of printing something as large and strong as a gun that could fire real bullets....

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