Siapi S.r.l.

Wide mouth jars and containers

Converting jars and containers from glass and metal to PET makes it possible to explore new markets with highly competitive packaging solutions that also have innovative designs.
Since 2004, SIAPI has been developing the Wide Mouth technology with a range of EAWM linear blow-molding machines with 1 to 4 cavities for containers with a capacity of up to 12 l and a mouth diameter of up to 180 mm.
SIAPI's technology is also used to produce containers used for hot filling, using both PET and PP preforms. The Heat Set technology for hot filling is ideal for containers used in the food sector (tomato sauce, other sauces, food preserved in oil, jam and fruit confectures, etc.).
The Heat Set configuration for hot filling can be used for bottles with up to a 1.5 l capacity, with 28 and 38 mm necks, and for wide mouth jars in PET.

At the K 2010 tradeshow in Düsseldorf, SIAPI will present one of its applications for the Wide Mouth sector for hot filling, a PET jar with a 63 mm mouth and, in addition to this innovation, also a wide mouth jar with an automatically inserted handle thanks to the HandleMatic System.