Who stole my website?

It's just got to make you feel a bit strange to search through the Internet as you research competitors, and you come across a website that as you begin reading it, sounds very familiar. Maybe that's because it is your website - with a Chinese company's name on the home page.

That's what happened to Rick Finnie this week. Finnie, president of M.R. Mold & Engineering (www.mrmold.com), a custom mold manufacturer specializing in LSR and thermoplastic injection molds, located in Brea, CA, was stunned beyond belief when searching the web for "mold components" he saw images from his own website. That would have been nice except when he clicked on the images it took him to a Chinese company's website.

Not only were the images lifted from M.R. Mold's website, the verbiage was lifted as well - almost word-for-word. They even lifted his tag line! It was M.R. Mold & Engineering's website under the Chinese moldmaker's name. Of course there were a few errors - the Chinese company had neglected to remove M.R. Mold's name in a few places in the verbiage, just to make it a bit more obvious that they'd stolen M.R. Mold's site.

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