Who caused the skills gap?


We continue to hear a lot about the existence of a skills gap in manufacturing. A new survey, 2014 Manufacturing Training Trends, was recently released by Seminars for Engineers showing that a lack of training is the biggest obstacle to manufacturing quality success today. Twenty-seven percent of respondents to this survey cited lack of training; 20% cited outmoded equipment; 16% cited poor quality control; and 14% cited company morale.

While 89% said their company offers opportunities to attend technical or engineering-related seminars/workshops, 81% said they wished their companies offered more such opportunities. More/better training would result in improved productivity, according to respondents (34%), fewer defects in manufacturing (27%), better morale (20%), and greater satisfaction with management (20%).

In-person seminars continue to be the most common format offered for seminars and workshops (54%). Online or webinars are the training format for 46% of respondents. When asked which seminar/workshop format was most valuable, 64% said "in-person seminars," 27% said "about the same," and only 9% preferred an online/webinar platform. Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they would or might benefit from technical seminars/workshops held on-site at their company by outside subject-matter experts.
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