White paper: Soft PA 610 targets tubing, pipe applications; an alternative to PA 12

Since BASF introduced the first glass fiber-reinforced PA610 injection molding grades of Ultramid S Balance at the K 2010 Plastics Trade Show, the material has found use in numerous applications because of its stress cracking resistance. Because of the current demand in the market and on the basis of its years of experience in extrusion, BASF has now decided to expand its PA 610 line of products to include extrusion grades.

At K 2013 the company will introduce two flexible grades of Ultramid S Balance that are suitable for extrusion of pipe and tubing for use in the automotive and machinery sectors as well as for oil and gas lines. Ultramid S4Z5 Balance and Ultramid S4Z4 XS Balance will be available in sample quantities as of November 2013.

Ultramid S4Z5 Balance is a semi-flexible grade for liquid-conveying lines that need to satisfy demanding temperature requirements. Ultramid S4Z4 XS Balance, on the other hand, is a particularly flexible product for vacuum and vent lines. It is characterized by even greater resistance against stress cracking....

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