White Paper: Painting trends for automotive plastic parts; More than just perfect protection

Today, plastic parts account for 15 to 20% of a car's weight. Many of these are exterior and interior parts which are provided with their respective visual, haptic and functional characteristics by means of a paint coating. The painting technology industry is responding to ever stricter demands with regard to quality, economy and the efficient use of resources with new solutions and further developments.

In order to compensate for increasing vehicle weight due to electric drives and fuel-efficient engine technology, the proportion of lightweight parts will increase from 30 to roughly 70% by 2030 - this is the prognosis of a current McKinsey study. In addition to high-tenacity steels and light alloys, plastics are also playing an important role in this respect. They often make it possible to manufacture components of minimal weight and/or to produce parts less expensively, or to integrate the functions of several workpieces into a single component....

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