Where are you on the Project Management Maturity Scale?


Mold manufacturers typically see themselves as "job shops" or "machine shops" that do one-off mold builds, when in actuality they should they should be viewing themselves as project-oriented organizations. That’s the conclusion of Jason Williams, a lecturer and head of the Medical Plastics Center of Excellence at Penn State Erie’s The Behrend College.

The fact that no two molds are alike and every job is different means that project management at some level is almost always required for a program to be successful. However, most mold manufacturers would be categorized as small- and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Quantifying this, Williams defines these categories a bit differently than they are defined by typical industry standards.

Shops with fewer than 10 people Williams categorizes as “micro;” 10-50 people he defines as a “small” shop; and a medium-sized company has more than 50 but fewer than 250 employees. However, a shop with 250 or even 150 employees would be considered quite large by comparison to the average mold shop.
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