What to expect in 2012 in the medical market


Since taking on PlasticsToday's Medical Channel, Doug Smock has immersed himself in the market in several ways, including in-depth interviews with the CEOs of the sector's leading companies like Phillips Plastics, Vention Medical, Prent Corp., and more. Aided by the views from those corner offices, plus his own insights from 25 years in plastics, Doug puts forward five predictions for the medical market in 2012.

1. Most importantly, business will continue to grow profitably in the 4-10% range. Demand in the United States for medical plastics will be approaching $6.7 billion in 2012, driven by an aging population and growing sophistication of healthcare treatment, among other factors. That represents more than 4 billion lb of plastics. Medical is definitely the place to be in 2012. Goldman Sachs is forecasting weakening U.S. economic activity in the first half of 2012 before a rebound to an anemic 2% annual growth rate....
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