AISA Automation Industrielle SA

What make K2013 edition so different?

Aisa will present 5 solutions in order to help customers to grow tube markets.

First is a solution to reduce laminate tube production cost; this new machine increases the tube production by square meter while reducing the investment needed.

The second solution will help customers to faster produce short run orders. In partnership with Heidelberg CSAT, we present a digital laminate printing machine.

The third solution presented aims to improve safety and aesthetics of side seamed aluminium barrier laminate tubes in order to satisfy even the most stringent market requirements.Demonstrating ournew Decoseam™ Nano welding technology.

Our fourth solution is aimed to replace glass andmetal packaging with laminate tubes. This new machine produces high barrier tube shoulders by multilayer Bacomex™ compression moulding.

And to conclude our Innovation campaign, we present a compression moulding solution to increase output per cavity. The new tooling design can achieve higher output even on the PTH 8.120.