What does rapid tooling mean to you?


The term 'rapid tooling' can mean different things to different people, and choosing the right type of prototype process is often a confusing challenge. "Not all rapid tooling is the same," emphasizes Jason Bassi, director of Quick-Turn Manufacturing Sales. "Its scope has become completely stretched, and it means something different to everyone. I have found that if you ask a group of product development engineers to define prototype or rapid tooling, the definition varies depending on the specific needs or requirements. This often leads them to select an inferior option that delays their new-product launch date and ends up costing them money."

Quick-Turn Manufacturing (QTM) is a new menu of tooling and molding options at Spectrum Plastics Group, a Minneapolis-based plastics company offering a range of product development services including rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and production molding. The DynaClass system includes a new menu of tooling and molding options that further differentiates Spectrum as "quick-turn tooling and molding experts," said the company. DynaClass refers to a new class of rapid tooling and molding capabilities available through the Company's Dynacept Division. It is geared towards simplifying the selection of tooling for a variety of applications, and aligning customers in the medical, aerospace, defense and precision industrial markets, the best molding solution for their application.

QTM's DynaClass hopes to end the confusion by clearly defining the different tooling and molding options that are available. "This helps our customers avoid locking into one solution that may not be optimal for their application," Bassi explains.
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