Were Coke's recycling efforts a victim of its own anti-deposit lobbying?


It is difficult to find people in the plastics recycling industry who will criticize The Coca-Cola Company on record, but my conversations this week with a handful of plastics recyclers made clear they think Coke's much-hyped bottle recycling efforts in Spartanburg, SC, were done-in by the company's own lobbying against bottle deposit laws. The law of unintended consequences is in play, they say.

The problems Coke has been having with its PET bottle recycling facility in Spartanburg have been covered well by our competitor Mike Verespej of Plastics News and recently in the Wall Street Journal. That latter newspaper's article about the issues with Coke's "bottle-to-bottle" recycling plant in Spartanburg, SC, shut down earlier this year from a lack of PET material to recycle [Friday, August 19, 2011, pg. B1], went so far as to predict that Coke's joint venture with United Resource Recovery Corp. (URRC) is on the rocks. The WSJ reported that Coke is even thinking about selling its 49% stake in the company....
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