Welltec Machinery Ltd.

Welltec Open Day for the Turkish group

Welltec held a special Open Day for the Turkish group on May 23, 2013

Our Turkish Agent Mr. Abidin POLAT brought one group of Turkish which organized by Turkey Plastics Machinery Association. The group came for the Chinaplas 2013 and sought business cooperation in China.

Welltec’s Overseas Manager Mr. Roy CHAN, who is responsible for the Turkish market, made the presentation of company introduction to the Turkish group.

“We know more about the Welltec through the presentation, and have more confidence if making the partnership with Welltec” One of the Turkish visitors said.

After the presentation, the Turkish group visited Welltec’s Show Room, which display the honors, introduction of production lines, variety finished products of Welltec.

Then the Turkish group had a factory tour to see all the machine types, from small scale to large scale Se series Injection Moulding Machine. Se series with clamping force 90-4000T obtained the highest energy saving grade #1 in China.

Then the group visited the Ge All-electric Injection Moulding Machine, which’s the latest machine developed and researched by our development and research team for 3 years, and many technology have won the national patent. The machine adopts the first servo-driven hybrid kinetic-pressurized clamping technology in China, an excellent integration of all advantages of both all-electric and direct hydraulic machines, is the creator for precision plastic parts. Ge series machine is adoptable to faster, higher precision and higher flexibility requirements. By mean of excellent performance, Ge All-electric Injection Moulding Machine is wide applicable for IT, optical products, and medical industry precision plastic production, such as medical apparatus and instruments, optical lens, light guide plates, precision gears, CD optical disk and IT products.

In the end, Wilson and Roy also showed the other production lines to the Turkish group, such as the Rubber Injection Machine, Extrusion Line, Hydraulic Press, CNC Punch Press, etc.

“We look forward to making business cooperation with our Turkish friends and having a good reputation in Turkey through this event” Welltec’s General Manager Mr. Wilson WONG said.

Welltec also made the tailored barbecue buffet for the Turkish group at the Silverworld Hotel.

“Thanks for Welltec’s hospitality, we have a very good day” Welltec’s Turkish agent Mr. POLAT said.

“Welltec will continuously focus on the energy saving and high efficiency, offering tailored solution to our customers”, Mr. Roy CHAN said.