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Welding Plastics More Economically and Reliably with Inline Process Monitoring

infrared camera system

The infrared camera system from bielomatik ensures the highest level of process reliability, especially for welding processes with contactless heating and for critical part geometries

Many plastic parts today must meet very high quality requirements. For example, numerous parts in the automobile industry must be 100% checked and evaluated as safety parts. These include shot channels for airbags, plastic containers as well as housings and air guides for fuel mixture and injection systems. Especially in these channels, the produced parts must be absolutely stable and usually also completely leakproof. In particular, so-called clean welding processes require special quality monitoring. They work with contactless heating of the welding seam and are frequently used for special applications and high-temperature-resistant technical plastics. Examples are infrared welding, hot gas or gas convection welding. The parameters monitored as standard by the welding machines are often not enough for a sufficiently detailed statement on welding process quality. But production companies need to avoid time-consuming and expensive reinspection.

To offer the enormous advantages of an inline process monitoring during welding of plastic parts in large series, bielomatik has developed an infrared camera system with temperature recording. With such a camera, certain zones of the part to be welded can be checked for an appropriate temperature range after heating and before joining. Our recommendation: Always monitor the welding zones of both parts to be joined. When welding large plastic parts, up to 4 cameras can be controlled and recorded with the software developed by bielomatik (thermovision 1.0).

The system presented by bielomatik for that first time at the trade fair K 2013 in Düsseldorf works especially convenient and user-friendly in combination with an infrared welding machine. To take reference pictures, the programmer merely needs to specify some parameters in the dialog. The system measures automatically in serial production. With a picture size of 382 x 288 pixels per camera, up to 20 individual areas can be expanded (zoomed). The evaluation software, adapted by bielomatik especially for practical welding, analyses the measurement data of the camera, compares it to programmable reference values or tolerances and evaluates the heating intensity.

One Company - All Technologies …

… is the trade fair motto of bielomatik. The Neuffen-based machine builder has mastered the widest array of welding processes and so can offer optimal solutions for almost all technically used plastics. In scientific projects and its own R&D, bielomatik develops solutions and concepts for the high-performance plastics which are penetrating the “welding market” more and more, including fibre-reinforced lightweight construction materials (organic sheets) and high-temperature plastics (PPA, PPS, etc.). The spectrum includes contact heating elements, contact-free infrared heaters with short and medium wavelengths, low- and high-frequency vibration welding systems, hot gas, heat contact and high-frequency processes. Ultrasonic procedures can also be designed and integrated into special applications. With their comprehensive know-how from several decades of experience, the Neuffen-based experts will advise you individually and competently, select the appropriate procedure and create an optimal configuration. And so production operations, from compact laser-integration modules to comprehensive automated systems for large parts with several combined welding processes, obtain joining technology that is carefully adapted to their needs.

Picture: Monitoring welding processes inline for the highest quality: The infrared camera system from bielomatik records and checks exactly the temperatures on part to be welded