Week of 11/18-11/22: Chinese manufacturers adopt robots & Top 10 articles

Work is on the rise in China, but it doesn't involve humans. On a recent trip to China, our Automotive Editor and Asia-Pacific Correspondent Stephen Moore read in the local China Daily that Zhejiang Province, a manufacturing hub that neighbors the commercial capital of Shanghai, would invest a "staggering $82 billion over the next five years to encourage manufacturers to adopt more robots; this in order to overcome the short supply and high cost of labor that currently prevails in the coastal areas of China."

The program is apparently already underway and will assist at least 5,000 companies a year, according to a source with the investment division of the Zhejiang Economic and Information Commission quoted by the newspaper.

"The future for industrial robot makers in China looks bright," Stephen wrote. "It is expected to become the world's largest market in the next few years, and with current penetration at 21 robots per 10,000 workers versus a global average of 55, and nearly 350 in Japan and South Korea, future growth looks certain."...

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