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PRO 400/1000/F, horizontal injection moulding machine with a direct 400 ton piston , 4-column clamping unit, entirely designed by Presma. The main features are the heated and insulated 700x700 mm steel clamping platens, the 600x600 mm tie –bar clearance. The moving platen has a synchronized central and side ejection system, with strokes are 100 and 350 mm respectively. The mould stroke is 600 mm and the maximum platen daylight is 750 mm; the 1000 cm³ FIFO injection unit is equipped with a double injection cylinder and a fixed carriage, with electrically driven screw which is controlled by a gearbox and inverter, giving a 2000 bar specific pressure value. The machine has a double cooling circuit both for the plasticizing and injection chamber including the nozzle. The injection punch can be easily removed for maintenance. A linear transducer controls the injection stroke; feeding system prearrangement for rubber in stripes and silicone blocks. Tool cleaning is made by an adjustable electric rotary brush

PRESMALL SC6 Evolution of the original fully electric bench mini-press, last presented during the Plast ’12 Show in Milan. This machine is suitable for the moulding of small size technical items using thermoplastic materials mixed with master-batch and fed directly into the extruder; the main technical features that distinguish this model from the previous one are the 6 tons. tie-bar-less clamping system together the multi-axis control, up to 8 axis to be precise (5 of them are part of the standard equipment for the injection and clamping unit). Thanks to a hi-speed optical fibre net and a hi-resolution encoder, the machine control system quickly checks and sets the position of any actuator each 0,44 milliseconds, guaranteeing hi-precision positioning within a tenth of micron. The absolute encoders have backup batteries which allow You to skip the zero calibration, usually necessary before each start of electrical machines. Working parameter settings, alarm diagnostics as well as detection and backup of important production parameters can be supervised through a touch-screen colour display with simple and intuitive graphic interface.This model can be equipped with a feeding unit for both rubber, solid and liquid silicone

VEMIX SC 80 is a 80-tons. tie-bar-less injection moulding machine with vertical clamping and with hydraulically driven vertical injection unit. The platen size is 700 x 400 mm and the maximum platen daylight is 470 mm. The clamping unit is equipped with four hydraulic cylinders, the two smaller cylinders for moving the upper platen and the two larger cylinders for the high-pressure clamping force. The fixed lower platen is secured using substantial bolts to the machine frame while the movable plate slides on two recirculating ball guides, providing a perfect alignment during the mould closing process. The hydraulic unit is equipped with a BOSCH-REXROTH variable displacement pump with a close loop control for flow and pressure. The press settings can be supervised through a OMRON multiprocessor connected to a touch-screen colour display. This machine can be equipped with feeding unit both for rubber, liquid and solid silicone.