Wastren Advantage buys and expands plastics recycler


Wastren Advantage Inc. (WAI) has acquired Geo-Tech Polymers, a plastics recycling firm that holds a patented process designed to increase the range of uses for plastic products from postindustrial and post-consumer waste streams.

Doug Collins, newly appointed president of Geo-Tech and director of the project management office for WAI, told PlasticsToday WAI is now majority owner of Geo-Tech and will bring significant long-term capital flow to the company that will give Geo-Tech the room to grow, expand in current markets and open new ones.

"We knew the brand had value and meaning for current clients and companies that want to be clients," he said. "We're going to be working hard in the months ahead to further brand the Geo-Tech name and its patented processes as the gold standard for bringing clean and pure recycled plastics back to the packaging, automotive and electronics markets."

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