Wastewater pumping stations lose weight with plastics


Polyurethane replaces aluminum in the successful new construction of a wastewater lifting plant, also called pumping station, with plastics processor Thieme helping with the new design and handling processing of the plastics.

Pumping stations in wastewater collection systems handle wastewater fed from underground pipelines. When the water in the well reaches a predetermined level, a pump "lifts" it up through a pressurized system of pipe to help move it towards a treatment plant.

Wastewater lifting plant manufacturer Strate (Sarstedt, Germany) worked with plastics processor Thieme (Teningen, also Germany) to replace aluminum with polyurethane (PUR). According to the companies, the material transition from metal to plastic led to a weight reduction of 50% for the replace parts, reduced noise levels and allowed more cost-efficient production of the pumping stations. Thieme supplies Strate with 12 PUR parts for the stations....
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