Wanhua Chemical makes declaration against imposters

Declaration "To all valued customers: We have been hearing from customers regarding some fraudulent activities with Wanhua Chemical implicated. Apparently, there have been imposter companies which claimed to supply Wanhua Chemical MDI and TDI products at below-market price. They have been contacting our clients through phone calls, text messages, express deliveries and other virtual resources. They inveigled our clients into a plot where they offered authentic Wanhua Chemical products as samples but replaced them to sewage in the following shipments. It has caused our clients tremendous economic and reputation loss.

It is hereby declared that only Wanhua Chemical and the authorized dealers are qualified to sell the aforementioned products (Wanhua MDI and TDI). We warn you to be cautious of any message (calls, text messages, deliveries, etc.) about Wanhua MDI and TDI with far below-market prices. Do not provide information of bank accounts and passwords. Should you have any question, please do contact our marketing department.
Hotline: +86 535 3388000, +86 18953559405

Wanhua chemical has reported these cases to the authority and will take legal action to safeguard legitimate rights and reputation. If you had similar experiences, it is well appreciated to provide us with details or relevant clues.

Meanwhile, please kindly inform other related people in case they encounter similar or potential fraudulent activities.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Attached is a list of known fraud companies:

Hengji Source Export and Import Co., Ltd.
ZHEJIANG KOMES MEDICAL MATERIALS Co., Ltd.” (End of declaration.)