Wal-Mart gets smacked for not living up to ‘Made in USA’ commitment


The Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM; Washington, DC) is calling Wal-Mart on the carpet for its failure to live up to its commitment from January 2013 to purchase an additional $250 billion in products supporting U.S. jobs over 10 years. In a newsletter from the AAM, President Scott Paul called out Walmart for its infographic, which it displayed at its recent annual Manufacturing Summit, that showed supposed progress. The "progress" displayed on the infographic involved the following:

- Increase purchases of U.S.-manufactured goods;
- source new-to-Walmart U.S.-manufactured goods;
- support re-shoring to the U.S. of goods Walmart already buys.

The AAM then compared the infographic touting Wal-Mart's progress to what it is actually doing:

- Increased imports to 775,400 shipping containers, a jump of 40,000 containers in the last year;
- Wal-Mart boasts of relationships with nearly 20,000 Chinese suppliers;
- an estimated 2.7 million U.S. jobs have been lost due to imports from China.

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