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WPC Machine Line

WPC Machine Line
1. Wood Plastic Composite is a substitute product of timbers which is made by mixing plastic material with nature fibers that are easily acquired. It’s not limited to certain kind of plant fibers, so it can be manufactured in any country which natural fibers are available.
2. The mold for hard extrusion process line are of smaller size comparing to those in normal extrusion lines. If arranged with high efficiency mold temperature controller, it is more energy-saving. Also it can make various products according to market demand.
3. The special design of screw and precise control of temperature contribute to the stability of product quality, and thus increase the yield rate and product accuracy.
4. WPC is now the most potential product in the emerging markets. Comparing to the natural woods, no matter the accessibility of material, designable outlook, insect-resistance, fungi-resistance and durability, all these make the WPC becoming the mainstream product in the near future.