Uniloy Milacron Srl

WORLDWIDE SUCCESS FOR TCS TCS is an exclusive device patented by Uniloy Milacron Srl (Italy)

Two years after the official presentation at the last K show, the Thickness Compensation System is a worldwide success, with many units operating in 5 continents. TCS is an exclusive device – invented and patented by Uniloy Milacron Srl – to achieve a better wall thickness distribution of the blow-molded containers (up to 75% more uniform).
TCS has proven to be dramatically effective for many packaging applications from 10 lt to 220 lt, and has become the “necessary optional” for many Uniloy customers producing jerrycans to reduce the use of resin (the main cost factor of any blow-molded item). Weight reductions up to –12% have been achieved by customers, while maintaining the same performances of the containers in the drop test, pressure test and stackability (unchanged UN certification).
TCS works on the principle of a dynamic narrowing of the head tooling gap in specific angular positions – where the blowing process less stretches the parison. Unlike other devices, TCS does not use any flexible die ring, and it is suitable for many different head-tooling diameters. Shorter cooling times are another benefit of TCS, as a consequence of the more uniform wall thickness. Cycle time reductions up to –22% have been achieved.
TCS can be installed on most Uniloy accumulator heads and continuous extrusion heads, and it is available as a retrofit package for the Uniloy machines in the field.