Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd.


Everplast Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, has turned out more than 800 extrusion systems over the last decade and has accumulated much experience in developing various kinds of profile extrusion lines. In line with the increased demand for environmental-friendly products, Everplast has endeavored to produce such product as WPC profile extrusion lines.

Mr. Chen, the president of the Company, is aware the ingredients for WPC are so sophisticated that he knows it too well that the equipment makers for this type of machine line have to constantly research and develop in order to meet the needs of the demanding public. The Company stands out itself from the rest of the industry in that it has dedicated itself and has accumulated more than eight years of experience in developing WPC extrusion lines among others.

Mr. Chen says WPC is a kind of “green material” that many industrialized countries prefer to use as it is environmental-friendly. Over the years, the application of such a green material has been expanding due to constant refinements made by researchers around the globe.

Aiming for 30%
Moreover, Mr. Chen further pointes out that the world demand for the WPC extrusion line will grow by at least 20% per year. However, currently, the Company’s market share for the WPC extrusion accounts for less than 20% of corporate sales. Nonetheless, the Company aims to raise the figure to 30% in three year, and strives to become the major supplier of the WPC extrusion line in the world in a near future.

In addition to the WPC extrusion, Everplast also offers various production lines such as the profile extrusion line, pipe extrusion line, plastic net machine line, and other accessories such as dies, calibration tank, crusher, pulverizer, mixer & cooler, embossing unit, and hot stamping to the market. Everplast has supplied the above-mentioned lines and accessories to the customers located in 5 continents. Due to the quality of the material and the high standards of craftsmanship, Everplast has been approved to be one of the leading companies of this industry in the world.

In terms of the finished products, by working with various resins such as PVC, HDPE, LDPE, PE, PP, ABS, PS, and PMMA, machinery produced by Everplast are used to make products in a wide selection such as construction material, toys & stationary, furniture & furnishings, medical suppliers, decorative lighting, and electrical parts. For more information of what Everplast Machinery could offer, please kindly log onto the following website for a view of the products and service offered: