Wemo Automation AB

WIPS- Intuitive programming – the optimal user friendly way of programming

Wemo is introducing a completely new powerful and extremely easy to learn programming system for robots – the Wemo WIPS generation – at the K 2010.

The Wemo WIPS System quickly guides the operator through the programming steps. WIPS is easy to understand and requires a minimum of training. It is of high interest for all robot users but especially for those who are expanding their use of automation in production and where lack of experienced robot operators may create a problem.

A new appealing graphical design, based on Wemo´s proven easy way of programming, makes new, as well as existing users, feel comfortable.
By using common well known icons and symbols,a structure for a new programme is made in an easy and safe way. By clicking the start button the robot is ready to go!

The WIPS System can also be used in an off-line environment with software for PC and can be connected into the internal network of a factory.

WIPS contains libraries not only of different sequences, but also tools for optimization of the process, including energy saving and automation modules. Pre-defined as well as customizable functions can easily be added into the programme. New extended functions for complex systems are already added into the new WIPS software.

WIPS will be shown live in the Software Corner on the Wemo stand.