Vistalon EPDM marks 50 years with new grades, online toolkit


In the late 1950s, Vistalon EPDM rubber was born out of availability of high-purity ethylene and propylene at ExxonMobil Chemical's Baton Rouge, LA refinery and an experienced team of polymer technologists that had worked on synthetic rubber. On Sept. 7, 1961, ExxonMobil Chemical produced the first commercially manufactured ethylene-propylene elastomer in the form of Vistalon 404 rubber, a product that is still available globally today.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Vistalon EPDM rubber, ExxonMobil Chemical has established an online toolkit of model formulations for application development. Available to customers, the digital formulary represents 50 ways for customers to meet industry specifications in a cost effective way. All formulations are designed for factory scale manufacturing and give the properties of the final compound. In addition, as proof that five decades of commercial success will continue on as markets evolve, ExxonMobil Chemical is also launching three new Vistalon EPDM rubber grades (Vistalon 2502, Vistalon 6602, Vistalon 7602 EPDM)....
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