Virtual injection molding part 1: Simulation offers more than flow analysis


For moldmakers who wish they could simulate the molding process without having to build a prototype mold first, Sigmasoft software, designed for 3D injection molding process simulation, may be the answer. Using a completely 3D-approach and the integration of a highly developed thermal solver, the injection molding simulation software allows the calculation of multiple consecutive production cycles, considering the thermal interactions throughout all the components in the mold. The accuracy of the entire simulation is thus dramatically increased.

Sigma Plastic Services (Schaumburg, IL) highlighted this product at the recent NPE, where it says it was well received. The 3D-approach of Sigmasoft allows all the components in a mold, including all the thermal and physical properties of each one of them, to be reproduced. Therefore, the heat transfer process can be calculated between each one of the components.
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