Virtual conference, real benefits: Continuous Improvement in Injection Molding


In news out of our own house, PlasticsToday will be organizing the industry's first virtual conference on the topic "Continuous Improvement in Injection Molding." This online event will have specific content covering the path of continuous improvement for injection molders and plastics-processing professionals.

The event will provide industry insights on several topics that are relevant to molders every day, including energy efficiency, tooling technology, and molding in cleanrooms and controlled environments.

The virtual event will take place on September 8, 2011, from 10am-4pm EDT. Registration is free to attendees and is now available here.

Attendees at the event can interact directly, via instant message tools, with industry experts and peers, download information, and view presentations, all from their computer. Attendees will benefit from a variety of engaging presentations, panel discussions, and chat sessions....
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