Reagens S.p.A.

Vinyl sustainability Forum 2013” Istanbul, Turkey 25th and 26th April 2013.

The event will unite the ECVM and VinylPlus General Assemblies, giving continuation to the PVC value-chain
event held in 2012.
While the global economy, and also the PVC sector, are still enduring difficult times, it is vital
that we continue to move forward as a united industry.
Under the theme “Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for Europe and beyond”
we will address the most pressing challenges of our time. Topics will include “Economics, Policies and the Markets” and how to grow the economy;
“Energy & Resource Efficiency” and how to make better use of natural resources and reducing
negative impacts on the environment; “Developing PVC markets” and the many benefits brought by
PVC, and the importance of “Stakeholder Dialogue” and how we can enhance our communications ”