Vending machine for recycled plastic t-shirts launched at New York Fashion Week

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) hopes recycled plastic fabric becomes the next must-have fashion item.

For three days during New York Fashion Week, consumers on midtown 8th Avenue can "buy" a limited edition designer T-shirt made with recycled plastic fabric from a new vending machine by ACC's Plastics Make it Possible --using a plastic bottle as currency. Anyone passing by can simply deposit a plastic bottle into the machine and a new garment made with recycled plastics will be dispensed.

Plastics Make it Possible has partnered with New York fashion designer Allison Parris for the debut of the vending machine, which will be located south of Columbus Circle on 8th Avenue between 57th and 58th streets in New York City from Sept. 9-11. Parris is one of a growing number of designers who have embraced recycled plastics as one of the new go-to materials for creating stylish clothing and accessories, according to a news release....