Velox to extend its Lubrizol medical TPU portfolio

The new additions are:

  • Pellethane TPU - an aromatic polyether, with a range of Shore hardness from 80A to 75D, offering abrasion, wear, low temperature and chemical resistance, flexibility with durability and impact resistance.

  • Isoplast ETPU - a rigid engineered TPU that is said to offer excellent processability, chemical and impact resistance, low melt viscosity, and durability with mechanical and barrier properties. These materials are available in clear, opaque, long glass-filled as well as composite materials.

Currently, the portfolio includes the aliphatic TPU families of Tecoflex, Carbothane, Tecothane, and Tecophilic as well as custom medical tubing.
"The addition of Pellethane and Isoplast TPUs to the Velox Medical Division enables us to offer our customers - the medical device designers - a complete range of TPU materials covering a wide spectrum of applications. Isoplast ETPU, in particular, is relatively unknown in Europe, and we are developing new applications for this unique family of resins. Lubrizol medical TPUs are a key part of our medical polymers portfolio.” says Siobhan Bastiansen, Market Manager -Medical Applications at Velox.