Velcro looks to hook the flexible packaging industry with PRESS-LOK closure technology


Whether it's to fasten laces, a zipper or even to help astronauts keep their dinner plates from floating in zero gravity space, Velcro's hook-and-loop fasteners seem to transcend all sorts of industries and products.

So why not try to make a mark in the flexible packaging industry? After all, the flexible packaging industry is the second largest packaging segment in the U.S., with about $25.4 billion in U.S. sales in 2011, according to the Flexible Packaging Association.

Chris Lerra, business development manager for Velcro Americas, told PlasticsToday the company determined there was opportunity in flexible packaging.

"Think of all categories such as the pet food market, the snack food market, laundry detergent - they are moving to flexible packaging - it's an incredible opportunity for reclosable fasteners," he said. "As a fastener solutions company with a tradition built around it, this became a natural fit for us."
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