Value Chain Cooperations for Water Management


The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry SusChem announced a series of partnerships on value chain cooperations for water management. The scarcity of clean drinking water due to a lack of infrastructure or effects by climate change are regarded as a serious challenge by the WHO.

With the chemical industry being a supplier and key industry for all sectors in the value chain it is uniquely positioned to contribute to the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) programme. This part of the EU's Innovation Strategy, and includes a proposed "Water Efficient Europe" partnership.

SusChem has also been cooperating succesfully with the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP) for the last few years. Both platforms have taken the initiative to revalue water as a precious raw material rather than a utility product. The cooperation set out a roadmap for sustainable water use in an integrated water management system between the chemical industry, urban water and value chain partners last year....
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