VIETNAM: Vung Ro Petroleum selects Ineous Technologies' Innovene PP process for its new PP project

The 900,000 t/y Innovene PP plant will produce a wide range of polypropylene grades to serve the growing demand in the Asian market.Peter Williams, CEO of Ineous Technologies, commented: "Ineous Technologies is proud to have been selected by Vung Ro Petroleum as its technology partner for the development of its polypropylene business. Vung Ro's refinery project will contribute to the continuing growth of the economy of Vietnam and neighbouring countries.”

Kirill Korolev, CEO Vung Ro Petroleum Ltd., stated: "We are pleased to have selected Ineous Technologies' Innovene PP process as an integral part of our refinery project. The Innovene PP process  will provide Vung Ro Petroleum with an advanced polypropylene process with advantaged economics and broad product reach."

Source: Ineous Technologies website, Rolle, Switzerland; 20 Jan 2014
(Syed Rashid Ali, Karachi, Pakistan)