Urns to die for: injection molded, bioplastic, commercially available


Why would a company opt to injection mold a bioplastic to form funeral urns? The question is best answered at Swiss company Alento AG, a plastics processor founded in 2005 with the goal of making a mark in the industry with "enhanced wood plastic composites."

Herbert Perschl, managing partner and founder of Alento, explains, "I have been fascinated by thermoplastics made from renewable raw materials since the 1990s when I was working for an automobile manufacturer. Since 2002, we have been carrying out trials with the wood-based material, Arboform, in our own company." Arboform, a material we have covered in our articles in the past, is developed and marketed by a German firm, Tecnaro GmbH (Ilsfeld). We've even reported on a German thermoformer's tests with the material to create a biodegradable casket.
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