Urbanization drives Borouge business in China


The latest China census figures show that urbanization of the population of 1.34 billion is progressing at an annual rate of about 1%. That approximates to a movement from rural to urban areas of around 10 million people each year, placing increased demands on goods, infrastructure and construction, energy and water, and presenting society with a major sustainability challenge.

Through its focused approached on specific market sectors and polyethylene and polypropylene, Borouge (Singapore) says it is working with the various industry value chains to address this challenge through the application of innovative, value-creating plastics solutions. As with other global markets, Borouge provides specialist support dedicated to the Mobility (Automotive), Pipe, Wire & Cable, and Film & Molding (Advanced Packaging and Appliances) sectors.

Structural investments in the past year, specifically for the China market, include the establishment of a 50,000 tonnes per year capacity compounding plant in Shanghai with a dedicated Research and Development Application Centre, as well as logistics hubs in both Shanghai and Guangzhou....
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