Updated: Schad, Husky trade barbs in battle over tribal-owned molder, IP infringement

A lawsuit between Husky Injection Molding Systems and its former founder, Robert Schad, regarding his work with Italian bottle blowmolding and filling equipment supplier SIPA, has ensnared a First Nations-owned injection molder and moldmaker founded in 1999 as a partnership between the Moose Deer Point tribe and Schad.

According to a Globe and Mail article published on August 6, the Schad/Moose Deer Point venture, Niigon Technologies, is effectively being forced to close after Husky said it would pull machines from the plant that it had leased or loaned to the operation.

In the Globe and Mail article, Schad characterized Husky's decision as revenge, saying, "Husky is getting back at me." In a statement given to PlasticsToday, the Bolton, ON supplier of injection molding machines, molds and hot runners disputed that characterization, saying its current litigation with Schad and SIPA, also includes Niigon and Schad's new machine venture, Athena:...

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