Update on Walmart’s Sustainability Index; a closer look at its plastic bag lawsuit

While much coverage about Walmart is centered on wages and health benefits, there's also quite a bit attention regarding Walmart's Sustainability Index, a measurement system used to track the environmental impact of products.

In its latest update, Walmart said that the Index has been rolled out across 200 product categories, and to more than 1000 suppliers. By the end of this year, the company anticipates the Index will expand to include more than 300 product categories and as many as 5000 suppliers.

The retail giant claims that since the Index was rolled out more broadly in August 2012, it has shown a consistent trend of improved product sustainability. For example, Walmart's general merchandise department has improved its index product sustainability score by an average of 20%; with grocery department up by an average of 12%; and consumables and health and wellness rising an average of 6%....

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