Update on Syntactic Foams

Syntactic foams are materials composed of hollow sphere fillers dispersed in a resin matrix. They exhibit high specific strength and low weight at the same time. The term "foam” is used because of the cellular nature of the materials. As such they are very useful in aerospace, marine and other structural applications.

The book consists of four major chapters with corresponding references and list of abbreviations. All this is on 123 pages, with 40 figures and 7 tables. Chapter 1 (Introduction) includes definition, description of matrix materials, microspheres, structure of syntactic foams and general methods of their preparation. Next sections cover properties and their comparisons with conventional foams and factors affecting the properties.

Chapter 2 describes the types of syntactic foams and the types of matrices used including thermosetting resins, elastomers, thermoplastic polymers and carbon-carbon syntactic foams.
Chapter 3 summarises recent development in the field of syntactic foams based on their properties, such as buoyancy, thermal insulation, including their use in aerospace industry, in radomes, sporting goods, furniture, synthetic marble, in graphic art printing media, underwater sound transducers and in a variety of other applications.

The book is written in a clear and readable style and covers the subject in a logical way. It is an update in the science and technology of syntactic foams and will be a useful resource for a wide readership including students of polymer science, material science and engineering, technical and supervisory personnel in the industry, in technical sales, those entering the field of polymeric foams or as a reference for those already working in the field. Another group of possible readers are designers and technologists in the industries, where syntactic foams are used already or may be used in new applications.