Update: Amcor to add corks to its PET wine bottles


Amcor Rigid Plastics seeks to put a cork in its PET wine bottles. The producer of plastic packaging is developing PET bottles with both synthetic and natural corks.

"Both types of corks are commonly used in the wine industry," Yi Jiang, market development manager for Amcor, told PlasticsToday. "The corks maintain the traditional wine experience and can ensure smooth conversion to PET on the customer's filling line with minimal changes."

Thus far, PET wine bottles have primarily been sealed with screw caps.

Research firm Tragon Corp. recently conducted a study regarding wine closures.

"When asked how likely they would be to purchase wine according to closure type, 94% indicated they would be more likely to purchase wine with a natural cork, 72% said they would purchase wines with a synthetic closure, and 45% indicated a willingness to buy wines with screw-caps," stated Tragon. ...
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