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Unit construction system for Rotary joints

Unit construction system for Rotary joints

At K 2010 fair 2010 HAAG + ZEISSLER presents ROTRAY JOINTS in new

design with modular system. Combined with the cartridge sealing system – CD-Cartridge-

Design – rotary joints are offered, whose clever system with a bellows makes stockkeeping

and maintenance easier and operating cost goes down.

The design is free of springs or o-rings and therefore good for high temperatures. With a

small quantity of parts a very robust and durable rotating joint has been realized.

The strength of the this series MD – modular design -will be evident in highly rough


The main joint with singel flow added with adapter and ellbow will be a dual flow joint for

stationary or rotating inner pipe. Flangeconnections are available.

Further productlines of HAAG+ZEISSLER GmbH are the ROTARION series for universal

use and Ganymed swivel joints.

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