Unique mix of niches propels growth at Yankee molder


Construction activity seems to be everywhere at Built-Rite Tool & Die and two sister companies in Lancaster, MA as they seeks to boost medical business and expand specialties in compression/transfer molding, insert molding, liquid injection molding, and mold making.

•Construction is under way next to the molding plant for a 5000-sq-ft addition for a white room molding facility for Reliance Engineering and LSR Engineering.
• A 5000-sq-ft addition for assembly, including an area for cleanroom applications, is expected to open in May.
• A HAAS VF4 CNC Milling Machine and a new CNC lathe were purchased recently for an expanded machining area. Final dimensions are machined on many parts to achieve exact tolerances not possible in the molding process.
• Engineers are designing and building a 250-ton compression molding machine using the chassis of an older machine as the starting point....
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