LIST AG Dry Processing- Intelligent Processing

Unique Solutions for the Fiber Industry - the MasterConti dissolving concept

MasterConti direct dissolving plant

As a worldwide technology leader in dry or concentrated process technology, LIST develops intelligent and economical and environmental advantageous process solutions. In the fiber industry, LIST high viscosity processing technology allows fiber manufacturers to dissolve Cellulose, Aramid and other polymers for wet spinning of fibers, filaments or films, with a range of benefits in particular exceptional consistency and related quality of the products and an even expanded product range.

With the MasterConti technology, the high concentrated spinning dope is diluted to the required spinning viscosity just before the spinning itself, to avoid or greatly reduce the need to handle, recover and recycle solvents. The technology allows the dissolving of high raw material contents up to 28%, making the dissolving step more reliable, economical and environmentally friendly.

LIST direct dissolving technology provides significant health, safety and environmental benefits as the process is contained in a closed reactor, which can be operated with a very precise thermal management under constantly monitoring. The result is not only the outstanding product quality but reduced energy consumption and significant less solvent recycling.

Key benefits:

high continuous production capacities (up to 100 tons per day)perfect dissolution quality for high quality fibers, filaments and films (no overheating, no degradation, no side reactions or even less because of precise temperature control, product quality consistency between campaigns)high degree of processing flexibility, when changing raw material qualitieshigh efficient operation, maximizing process yield to process volume environmentally friendly closed system, with low emissions and lower energy use; (possible to replace highly toxic products like CS2)economical processing(energy savings, low maintenance, high reliability, reduced utility, fewer process steps, smaller carbon foot print

Direct dissolving of cellulose, aramid or other polymers for wet spinning of stapel fibers, filaments, films, nonwovens and many other applications is simply a more intelligent way, the company says.

LIST's MasterConti direct dissolving technology has become the choice technology for a portfolio of manufacturing processes across a spectrum of industries especially targeting the fiber industry. The MasterConti concept is in commercial operation in the fiber industry for more than 5 years.

It is LIST's goal to revolutionize other branches of the processing industries by helping manufacturers update to “Intelligent Processing”.