Unilever expands use of MuCell technology from Zotefoams


Dove Body Wash bottles will contain at a minimum 15% less plastic as a result of a newly developed packaging technology launched by Unilever. The MuCell technology for extrusion blow molding (EBM) was created in close collaboration with two of Unilever's global packaging suppliers, Alpla and MuCell Extrusion. It represents a breakthrough in bottle technology by using gas-injection to create bubbles in the middle layer of the wall to reduce bottle density and the amount of plastic required.

TrexelThe technology will be deployed first in Europe across the Dove Body Wash line, before rolling the technology out. With up to 33 million Dove Body Wash bottles sold across Europe in 2013, the new technology stands to save up to 275 tons of plastic a year. A full rollout across every Unilever product and packaging format could save up to 27,000 tons of plastic and contribute significantly to the target set out in the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan to halve waste footprint by 2020, according to a release from Zoetfoams plc.

Zotefoams plc (Croydon, UK) specializes in cellular material technology using a unique manufacturing process with environmentally friendly nitrogen expansion. Zotefoams also owns and licenses patented MuCell, a registered trademark of Trexel Inc., licensed exclusively to MuCell Extrusion LLC for use in microcellular foaming technology of extrusion products.
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