Unilever’s new sustainable packaging goals bad for PVC, challenge bioplastics


Unilever, one of the world's largest brand owners of FMCGs, plans to reduce its product packaging weight by a third in the next 10 years and do away with PVC as much as possible by 2012. Bioplastics are of interest but not yet truly viable nor particularly sustainable, it says.

The company announced its new goals as part of its new "Sustainable Living Plan." Unilever has annual sales of about €40 billion, and claims that "on any given day, two billion people use our products" - equivalent to about 30% of the global population.

Unilever currently uses around 2 million tons of packaging a year, it says. The Sustainable Living Plan is multi-faceted with separate goals for reducing water use, increasing its use of renewable resources, and also goals for reduced use of packaging and increased recycling of the packaging it does use....
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