Ultrasonic molding can cut medical plastics waste in half

The trend toward rapidly rising prices for medical plastics may work strongly in favor of a new micro injection molding technology that uses ultrasonic power to melt plastics instead of the pressure and heat normally used.

"One important fit for us we are still evaluating is molding of PEEK and other high-cost resins because of the big savings of materials in our process," said Enric Sirera, sales director for Ultrasion (Barcelona, Spain) in an interview with Plastics Today.

He estimates materials' savings of 30% to 60% with the Sonorus 1G, which uses a specially developed ultrasonic welding process to melt plastic in a conventional injection mold. Only the shot size necessary for each shot is fed using standard pellets at room temperature. Sirera said there is a small runner. Melt occurs in milliseconds.

There is also potential for fewer rejects because melt pressures are very low compared to conventional injection molding.

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