Uhde Inventa-Fischer: New PET production plant for SKC Co., Ltd.

SKC Co., Ltd. and Uhde Inventa-Fischer have signed a contract for the supply of a plant for the production of high-quality PET for the manufacture of films in Jincheon, Republic of Korea. The plant will have two lines with production capacities of 144,000 and 54,000 tonnes of resin a year. The commissioning is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012.

The plant will use Uhde Inventa-Fischer´s 2R technology, which is based on its patented reactors ESPREE® and DISCAGE® and ensures the constant high quality of the product at minimum consumptions of raw material and energy, says the company. The fact that the plant is designed to produce premium optical-grade PET, which is primarily used in the production of high-end films for consumer electronics, deserves special mentioning, Uhde Inventa-Fischer explicated.

The Uhde Inventa-Fischer scope of supplies and services includes the provision of the 2R technology and the basic engineering as well as the supply of proprietary equipment.