Nanjing Useon Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd.

USEON will exhibit newly SAT twin screw extruder with under-water pelletizer

USEON will exhibit newly SAT series twin screw extruder in K 2010 Dusseldorf. SAT probably would be the first generation of China-made 800rpm twin screw extruder which had been tested by production nearly one year. After made the first generation of 600rpm high specific torque twin screw extruder in 2006, USEON has improved the rotating speed of twin screw up to 800rpm on the basis of high specific torque at the end of 2009.
SAT series twin screw extruder mainly improved in safety, accuracy, and torque.
For safety, our transmission system employed torque limiter, speed difference sensors, and overloading protector. The key parts of gearbox are manufactured by CNC tools.
For accuracy, all screw and barrel elements are manufactured by CNC tools. Accurate manufacturing ensures SAT is able to run at high speed and has better self-wiping performance. As a result, the RTD (residence time distribution) has been optimized. Consequently the specific energy consumption will be lower.
For torque, SAT employed USEON-made high torque gearbox which equipped with digital torque split trial. SAT series’ specific torque is more than 10.3 Nm/cm3
Besides SAT extruder, the under-water pelletizer is another selling point of USEON. In this fair, USEON will exhibit its own designed under-water pelletizer. This will hit the blank of China-made under-water pelletizer. Under water pelletizing system could be used to process most polymers, even non-thermoplastics which behave like thermoplastics, especially for some special material that could not be pelletized by other kinds of pelletizing systems, such as TPU, TPV etc. The under water pelletizing system is relatively complicated and highly costly to maintain. The main components in this system usually include extrusion die plates, pelletizer, water circle system, centrifugal dewater, silo and packaging system.
Our team is glad to share our experience about polymer extrusion and pelletizing. Welcome to visit our booth at 16A66.