UPDATED: Wittmann adds metal forming in Vienna to support dryer, loader production


Wittmann Kunststoffgeräte GmbH has added sheet metal forming at its Vienna headquarters, specifically capacity to fabricate round stainless steel components for products including its Feedmax conveying units and Silmax drying hoppers. The company sited "rapid sales growth" in materials drying and conveying equipment as the impetus for establishing its third sheet metal forming department.

Prior to this investment, Wittmann's Austrian operations purchased some of the components internally, via other Wittmann production centers, but the largest share came from outside vendors, Wittmann's Bernhard Grabner told PlasticsToday.

The 1500-sq-m space includes a 2.5-kW laser cutting machine capable of dealing with stainless steel at widths up to 8 mm. Furthermore, trimming presses, round bending, and longitudinal welding machines, as well as some other processing equipment, are also on hand. Grabner said Wittmann Austria invested more than Euro 2 million in the expansion, adding staff as well as equipment....
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