UK consumers prefer plastic over glass for ketchup packaging


Are you a squeezer or a shaker? Yes, that's an odd question that could mean many different things. But this is one is all about packaging. The British Plastics Federation's Packaging Group decided to find out which type of material consumers prefer their ketchup packaged in - plastic or glass. Research commissioned by the British Plastics Federation's Packaging Group and carried out independently by YouGov, which surveyed 2,157 UK respondents, shows that when it comes to the ketchup, 77% would rather squeeze their tomato ketchup out of a plastic container than shake it out of a glass bottle.

And in their words not mine, "in the battle of the sexes, although everybody prefers to dispense their ketchup out of a plastic bottle, more women (79%) than men (74%) like a squeeze." Well okay then.

So why does the UK enjoy the plastic bottle? The BPF states it came down to ease-of-use and the design of these bottles, now boasting a top-down design where the bottle sits on its cap, ensures that it is easier for consumers to get more of the product out and to not leave any in the bottle when finished.
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